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Asphalt Paving:

   Asphalt blacktop combines a smooth and absorbing surface, which will enhance any appearance & value of the property. It will also absorb sound, facilitate thawing of snow & ice in the winter; and keep dust & mud maintained during the warmer months.

Seal Coating:

   The best of surfaces will eventually deteriorate without proper maintenance as they are subject to time, constant wear & traffic, gas & oil drippings, and weather. Preventive measures are the least expensive way to keep it in good condition.

   If the pavement is 1 year old it should be sealed with a water base coating during a temperature above 60. We always hand apply the seal coat emulsion as it coats much thicker than the sprayed on versions, and could last up to 3 years. Where as the spray may not last a year. The surface in most cases will be drivable in 24 hours.

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